About Gig-Ant-ic strategies ánd operational excellence

“It is the ant, not the lion, which the elephant fears.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo Animals and Strategy – 2 Short notes on how animal traits (or the perception thereof) can be used for Strategic thoughts  Ants (and Termites) – wow Ants and termites live and work together, they come with millions, they know their purpose. They have biological…

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Pricing is the moment of truth in value capture

examples showing impact of value pricing and selling

3 ways to approach pricing.  The most common pricing approach is to look at existing prices and decide to follow or go a little higher or lower. This is called competitive pricing and is very practical in cases where products/services can be easily compared, and prices are transparent. Also, when prices are very dynamic this is an…

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Sharks and Strategy

Famous sharks

Animals and Strategy – 1 Short notes on how animal traits (or the perception thereof) can be used for Strategic thoughts  Sharks get a lot of attention : the most watched YouTube video (>7 bln times) is Baby Sharks from Pinkfong  Pinkfong babysharks on YouTube The outside world is full of sharks. Fierce competitors with deep…

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Growing by creating new business

Growing new business needs extra attention

Starting a new business from scratch is very tough. All statistics and quotes tell you that you have 1% chance of success, need 10 failures for every step forward, making mistakes is crucial, it is hard, it takes longer … and you will end up in a different place from your original plan. On top…

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Taking your Customer lifecycle from seconds to decades

Customer life cycle

There is an old marketing truth that says that you can earn more money from existing customers then from new customers. But for fast growth you need new customers. Problem is that the two activities need different capabilities and skills. For example: cold calling versus relationship crisis management or creating excitement versus avoiding surprises. But…

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Sustainability Strategies – how to start

“Sustainability is business and business is sustainability “ Every organization or company needs a sustainability (or ESG) strategy. And there are hundreds of models to help you choose and focus. All of them (should help you through the following starting points: What is your sustainability challenge or opportunity? There is no universal answer, but a…

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Execution versus Strategy? No, a need for symbiosis!

How many great strategy plans end up in the bottom drawer? Or are revamped/reinvented before they really take off? Most strategists do not realize that execution starts before the plan is made. This is done by: Involving the right people in the making of the strategy, not only the optimal for plan creation but also those…

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Competitive insight – is it needed? Do you care enough?

Have you been surprised by your competitor moves or even lack of moves? Found new competitors you did not know of? What is better, just a few competitors or many? Do you really know who your competitors are? Direct, indirect, new … Most companies see competition as the enemy – many times as weak or…

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