Competitive insight. Is it necessary? Does it matter to you?

Have you ever been caught off guard by a competitor’s actions – or inactions –, or found yourself facing rivals you hadn’t even considered? Many businesses view their competitors through a narrow lens, often underestimating their strategies or failing to recognize the full spectrum of competition. This essay delves into the necessity of comprehensive competitive…

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Can a ‘last company standing’ strategy unveil hidden value?

What’s the advice you’ll hear from nearly every growth expert out there? ‘Chase after growth markets!’ They’ll tell you to find markets that are already on the upswing, or go for markets that promise solid growth due to emerging consumer trends, shifts in technology, or even changes in regulation. But here’s a twist: What if…

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Growing by creating new business

Is it like growing sprouts? It certainly needs special attention

Kicking off a new business from the ground up? Brace yourself, it’s no walk in the park. If you buy into what the stats say, launching a new business is incredibly tough. Your chances of success? A measly 1%. You’re looking at a requirement of ten failures for every success. No progress without a few…

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Execution versus strategy. Symbiosis is key!

A strategic soccer field plan viewed from above, featuring detailed markings of lines and goals, with colored arrows indicating attack strategies, defensive positioning, and player movements. The diagram combines realism with conceptual clarity, showcasing various tactical approaches such as long passes, dribbles, and formation shifts, emphasizing the coordination and tactical mindset behind a football game.

It’s a scenario all too familiar in the consulting world: numerous ambitious strategy plans end up forgotten in a drawer, only to be pulled out, dusted off, and revamped before they can truly make a mark. The key takeaway? Execution needs to be an integral part of strategy development right from the beginning. This essay…

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