“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running can do to keep in the same place" (Lewis Carroll in Through the looking glass)

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability strategies – How to begin

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Value-based pricing. Transforming the way you capture market value


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Customer life cycle

Evolving your customer lifecycle from seconds to lifetimes


Can a ‘last company standing’ strategy unveil hidden value?

Eye with unpredicable markets concept in reflection

Market attractiveness: Unraveling the mystery

Imagine a vivid image featuring an overpass flyover bustling with numerous cars. As these vehicles exit the flyover, they're presented with four distinct choices: a bustling metropolis, a lush green forest, a stark desert, and dense slums. The picture is laid out horizontally, adhering to a 2:3 height to width ratio, under a clear blue sky. Yet, to add a touch of drama, a single dark cloud looms in the upper right corner. We'll create four variations of this scene to capture the diverse paths one might take.

Scenario-based strategizing: Navigating the future with agility

Is it like growing sprouts? It certainly needs special attention

Growing by creating new business

A strategic soccer field plan viewed from above, featuring detailed markings of lines and goals, with colored arrows indicating attack strategies, defensive positioning, and player movements. The diagram combines realism with conceptual clarity, showcasing various tactical approaches such as long passes, dribbles, and formation shifts, emphasizing the coordination and tactical mindset behind a football game.

Execution versus strategy. Symbiosis is key!

Image of an Einsteinlike figure, showing two sides of the brain

Unlocking strategy’s creative side: how the right brain can transform your business


Navigating the waters of business: learning from the strategies of sharks