Steering strategic change in the global specialty chemical sector

In the highly competitive and dynamic specialty chemical sector, a renowned European-based company with a revenue between $3-5 billion faced a pivotal strategic decision. Mid-2022, I was approached to assist in assessing the strategic fit with a potential merger partner, a task that entailed profound implications not only for the company’s future but also for its leadership structure.

Steering strategic change in the global specialty chemical sector.png

The challenge

The CEO of the company, an acquaintance from my professional network, presented a complex scenario: the potential merger with another major player in the chemical industry. This was not just about combining business operations but also involved significant leadership and cultural integrations. The strategic inquiry was multi-layered – should the company pursue a merger, and if so, how should it approach the integration process to ensure a seamless and effective union?

Strategic approach

My role was to provide an external perspective and facilitate a strategic review process that included direct interactions with board members. We delved deeply into the company’s current market positioning, the strategic fit of the potential merger, and the likely cultural and operational impacts of such a move. This involved rigorous analysis and scenario planning to forecast the potential outcomes of merging with another giant in the chemical sector.

Impact and reflections

Through this engagement, we laid out multiple strategic pathways and their implications for the company’s future. This not only helped clarify the potential benefits and risks of the merger but also equipped the leadership with the insights needed to make an informed decision. The process was intense and required careful consideration of not only financial and operational factors but also the human element of merging two distinct corporate cultures.

Lessons learned

This experience reinforced the importance of thorough due diligence and the need for clear strategic vision when considering such significant corporate decisions. It also highlighted the crucial role of effective communication and alignment among senior leaders to navigate complex negotiations and strategic shifts. Perhaps most importantly, it taught me the delicate balance of offering robust advice while respecting the deeply ingrained cultural dynamics of established companies.


The strategic exploration did not lead to a merger but provided the company with a clearer understanding of its strategic posture and preparedness for future opportunities. This case stands as a prime example of how external expertise can provide pivotal guidance in times of significant corporate decisions.

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