Transformation and strategy references

From CEOs and business leaders to senior partners at global consultancies, directors at private equity firms, and entrepreneurial startup CEOs, the acclaim for my work spans a broad spectrum of professionals. Here’s what they have to say:

  • Pride in your setting the stage and follow-through to the new structure.
  • Your leading the roadmap to execution has been extremely critical and necessary.
  • How you handled the leadership team, especially on topics that were tricky. Asserting facts as we know them, acknowledging that our understanding may not be perfect, and never getting defensive.
  • Commitment to and knowledge of the business and its markets.
  • Incredibly valuable to all stakeholders during the whole separation process.
  • Valued your sharp mind and willingness to think along and ahead.
  • Been a terrific thought partner on the strategy effort.
  • The way you involve the businesses in making strategy.
  • Made me think a little harder … and gave me insights that I had not thought of.
  • Continue working on ideation and strategy the way you do best.